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 Chef Daniel Verati offers a delicious selection of gourmet recipes. A renowned chef, Verati has more than 30 years of experience in culinary arts. He has worked in many famous restaurants all over the world and managed his own five-star restaurant. Chef Verati also taught inn some of the world’s most prestigious cooking schools. For Chef Verati, this recipe book represents a dream come true. The wide variety of low-fat and low carbohydrate dishes are perfect for everyday meals or for people who plan on following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program (from steps 1 to 3 and the maintenance phase). Easy to follow recipes emphasize the natural flavors and texture found in ingredients with tasty and appealing results. With its vibrant design and mouth-watering images, the book is fitting for today’s fast pace and promises satisfying cooking and eating experiences.

Recipe Book: My Ideal Recipes by Chef Verati

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